Safety box


Get ready yourself for emergencies considering your beloved family. Use this tool to prepare yourself by considering an exhaustive list of threads and establish a fallback plan for each one. Then decide what information should be shared with who by when.

Humans are unable to think clearly under pressure. Quick decisions are not best decisions and, in the worst case, you might not be able to take any decision. Additionally, humans often don’t feel comfortable sharing some sensitive topics openly, so conversations got delayed until it’s too late.

This tool is an interactive guide to make you think twice about difficult questions, giving you plenty of time to consider what to do and who should be reached. Keep the information for yourself in a secure way by using your own Google account.

Follow instructions below to setup external requirements and execute this tool.



Why did you decided to start this project?

COVID-19 affected so many people’s health and economy. Very few were well prepared. Let’s use this opportunity to make things better and increase global awareness.